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Beginners’ guides on online business, small office – home office, searching capabilities to find home-based or franchising possibilities that meet your lifestyle and budget and links to related articles.


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Insuring Your Home Business

Be sure to treat your home business like a business — including obtaining appropriate insurance for it.

National Association for the Self Employed

All kinds of benefits for the self employed. An essential resource if you’re going solo; if you expect to have employees, check out PEOs as an alternative.

Should I Start?

A questionaire that helps you address “your very first business question”. The results give you revenue trends and profit margins in your industry as well as other links for industry information.

Solo Entrepreneur

“Our virtual learning resources help you build your business skills, get more clients, and make more money in less time with sustainable multiple streams of income. Read, listen, watch and participate in classes on your schedule, from the comfort of your own home. ”

WSJ Online- Cheaper , but… Cheaper

Recently, companies like Google have made headlines for providing software and IT services that small businesses require for free or at much lower rates. This article discusses the trade-off between low-cost and functionality.

WSJ Online- Finding an Energy Auditor

For small businesses and entrepreneurs for whom high energy and utility costs are a major issue. According to the article, getting an energy audit from the electric company or from another organization is often free, and in some cases utility companies will even offer rebates or discounts to companies that save power by following their suggestions.

Zoning Rules for Home Businesses

Municipalities have the legal right to establish rules about what types of activities can be carried out in different geographical areas. This article explains why it is important to check your city or county zoning/planning laws and how they affect your small office – home office.


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