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5 Startup Sales Tips From Turkish Rug Dealers

Dharmesh Shah, co-founder of Hubspot (and an entrepreneur/marketer that I hold in high regard), shares five very important insights that anybody in the sales profession should keep in mind.

A new way of looking at sales and marketing

What lessons can be learned by turning the sales funnel upside down?

Eyes on Sales

A website with articles devoted to improving your sales techniques and sales and business development teams.

Getting Your Product Onto Retail Shelves

“Business owners with a product to sell often dream of winning shelf space in the Wal-Marts and Targets of the world. But these days, with the recovery dragging, it is a challenge to get shelf space in any store.”

Marketing, Sales, and Business Development

This site provides articles that will give you insight to successful business and marketing practices. Learn how to attract and maintain a solid consumer base. Learn various sales techniques or review familiar ones to stay fresh and ready for that new client.

The Art of Schmoozing II

Guy Kawasaki has summarized Susan RoAne’s book on schmoozing, “How to Work a Room.” Great advice, especially for those of us who spend more time with a computer than with people!

The Worst Question A Salesperson Can Ask

When you ask this question, you put the burden of selling on the customer. By doing this you assume that they know what they need, when in reality, they probably.

US Commercial Service

Assistance to help your business export goods and services to markets worldwide.

WSJ Online- Finding the Right People to Make the Sale

If sales aren’t where you want them to be, perhaps it’s because you aren’t hiring the right sales personalities.

WSJ Online- Three Strategies to Get Customers to Say “Yes”

“Sales teams at small companies often are outmanned and outspent by larger competitors. But small companies often find creative ways to level the playing field. Here’s a look at how three companies get customers to say ‘yes.’”


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