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Choosing a Successful Location for Your Business

Here’s how to choose affordable space for your business that suits your company’s needs.

Finding and Renting Space for Your Business FAQ

Answers to commonly asked questions about securing space for your business.

Finding Workspace on the Fly

A brief review of 3 services to help you find a temporary place to work in major cities:,, and Not all spaces are listed on all of these sites, so try them all if you need to find a desk or cubicle for the day.


Commercial real estate listings around the country.

Negotiating the Best Commercial Lease Terms

Negotiating a good lease can save you money. Learn where landlords are willing to make concessions.

Commercial real estate listings around the country.

Commercial real estate listings around the country.

Understanding Commercial Leases

Before you rent space for your business, be sure you understand these basic facts about commercial leases.


“ZoomProspector speeds up and simplifies the process of site selection analysis so that companies can quickly identify the optimal location for their business start-up, expansion or relocation. Businesses define the community and property characteristics that are important to them. Then ZoomProspector uses its online mapping technology to search and display the locations that exactly match the company’s needs. ZoomProspector objectively identifies the optimal communities for your business based on consistent, third-party data so you can truly compare apples-to-apples for all locations in the United States.”


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