Competitive Analysis Websites & Articles


Access SEC filings, company financials, etc.

A wealth of data including financial ratios, business statistics, and benchmarks, on a wide range of industries.


Lots of financial data.

Building a Competitor Profile

A good introduction to why and how you prepare competitor profiles, including suggested research resources.

Corporate Information

Massive and powerful collection of corporate research compiled from numerous sources.

CorpTech Technology Company Information

CorpTech publishes public and private business information on technology companies that make, develop and provide services related to everything from lasers to computers, and from biotech products to advanced materials.

Free Data from

A cheaper version of– it’s free! Database includes economic, demographic, income and labor market information.

Free Edgar

Access SEC filings for public companies (a limited number of free queries per month are available – after that, turn to Yahoo Finance).


Detailed profiles of public companies.

Kauffman Research

The Kaufman Foundation is renowned for their “New Economy Index” that ranks states on technological indicators such as the education levels of the workforce or the number of patents filed. A great resource for all kinds of technological indicators.

Researching Company Finances Online

A helpful guide, with links to additional competitive analysis resources.

SEC Info

“Securities Information from the SEC EDGAR database for sophisticated business professionals. We simply publish SEC/CSA Filings, filed by companies, institutions and individuals…”

SEC’s Edgar Search

Page explaining the process of attaining SEC filings.

TheInfoPro (TIP)

TheInfoPro (TIP) is an independent research network and leading supplier of market intelligence for the Information Technology (IT) industry. Created by alumni of Gartner, EMC, Giga and Bell Labs, TIP produces fundamental, objective, analyst-free research on: markets, vendors, issues, future adoption plans, and investor confidence.

Use Online Listening for Competitive Research

“Wish you could afford to sharpen your communications through customer understanding? And obtain actionable tips quickly on a budget? It’s your lucky day. This post will show you how to learn more about your customers than you do now to improve your communications efforts all by digging into data you already have or have access to.”

Yahoo! Finance

An excellent source of financial information. Includes a link from Edgar SEC filings once you’ve used up your monthly FreeEdgar quota.


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