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A Small-Business Guide to Intellectual Property

“The two most precious resources for any small-business owner are time and money. That’s why when the subject of intellectual property comes up, many owners run in the other direction. They see images of expensive lawyers and use that as an excuse to ignore the topic, reasoning that it is a problem for big companies to worry about.”

Choosing a Business Name FAQ

Answers to commonly asked questions about choosing and registering a successful business name.


Intellectual property research and tools, including prior art searches and searches of international patent databases. Many features are fee-based, but basic searches are free.

Espacenet – European Patent Search

Search European patent databases.

European Patent Office

Information about European patents.

Searchable database of U.S. patents. Entire patents can be downloaded in PDF format.

Google Patent Search

Quickly search patents and download to PDF.

How to Trademark a Domain Name
Japanese Patent Office

Basic information about the Japanese Patent Office. To search patents, scroll down and select “Searching IPDL (Industrial Property Digital Library),” and then select “Searching PAJ” in the second paragraph.

Obtaining a Business Method Patent

A company that develops a new way of conducting e-commerce may be able to prevent others from using it for almost two decades.

Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) Resources

Basic information about international intellectual property protection.

Patent Law

Overview of patent law by Cornell University Law School with other references.

Trademark Reference

Trademark information, tools and fee-based services.

Trademark University

The Trademark University provides a wide range of detailed videos and information specific to all things trademark.

US Copyright Office

Extensive information on copyright protections.

US Patent and Trademark Office

Search for granted U.S. patents and federal trademarks; learn about and apply for intellectual property protection.

World Intellectual Property Organization

Comprehensive information on international intellectual property protection.


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