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Basics Of Incorporating

The paperwork and costs involved in registering a company.

Business Filings

Incorporation information and online corporate formation.

Buyer And Seller Beware

Whether you win or lose in the sale of a C or S corporation depends on the legal structure of the deal.

Choosing a Legal Form for Your Franchise

“Sole proprietorship, corporation, LLC…know the option that’s best for you before you buy a franchise.”

Choosing the Best Ownership Structure for Your Business

“The right legal structure — corporation, LLC, partnership or sole proprietorship — has a lot to do with who will own your business and what its activities will be.”

Corporation Basics

An article explaining all of the complications associated with a corporation.

Corporation FAQ

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about corporations: what they are, how they work, and whether or not you should incorporate your business.

Creating an LLC Operating Agreement

This article explains why you should consider an LLC.

How to Form an LLC

It’s more work than forming a partnership and easier than creating a corporation — and it may be the best thing you can do for your business.

Incorporating Your Business

This article explains the complications of incorporating in another state.

Legal Blog

Find articles and blogs that relate to your business. Search for forms, lawyers, and other key information for your business.

Limited Liability Company FAQ

Answers to common questions about starting and running an LLC.

LLC Basics

Limited liability companies combine the best aspects of partnerships and corporations.

MyLLC Operating Agreements

This site walks you through a series of interview questions to create an operating agreement that is specific to your state, type of business, and specific circumstances. Since some of the choices you make may have unanticipated long-term legal consequences, you should probably use a tool like this *with* your attorney, rather than using it *instead* of an an attorney.


Extensive legal self-help resources, covering both corporate and personal law. Includes forms, a legal encyclopedia and dictionary, case law, state and federal codes, and much more.

Regardless of Your Business Structure: Be Vigilant with Debt

Even if you structure your company as an LLC, you may not realize that your personal assets are at risk until it’s too late.

S Corporations Vs. LLCs

The pros and cons of each of these business forms.

Should You Inc. or Not?

A brief lesson on the ABCs of LLCs and other legal forms for your new business.

The Company Corporation

Incorporate online. Includes name searches, tax ID applications, compliance services, and more.

Time to Incorporate?

Find out when to hire an incorporation service and what to look for in a good one.

Web Design Business Legal Info.

A website that offers insight to the legal aspects of online businesses and what the best options for you might be. A quick reference guide for the do’s and don’t’s of running a website. Full of resources for any other information on web design etc…

What is the Best State of Incorporation?

If you foresee consummating an IPO, you need to consider this legal structure.

Where to Incorporate

Article assisting you in selecting the state for incorporating your business.


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