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Alltop Venture Capital

Alltop’s Venture Capital section consolidates the headlines from all of the top How to Raise Venture Capital related blogs.

Anatomy of a Term Sheet

How to Raise Venture Capital: An overview of trends, strategies, and structural issues. Note that this is a little dated – see the “Term Sheet for First Round Venture Capital” below for something a little more recent, although less detailed.

Ask the VC

Blog created to “discuss relevant issues in the venture capital and entrepreneurial ecosystem.”

A directory of over 4,000 business loan and venture capital sources.

DealBook – NY Times’ Venture Capital Roundup

A roundup of recent how to raise venture capital related news.

Do VCs Take The Summer Off? Entrepreneurs Say Yes. Data Says No.

It’s commonly believed that it’s impossible to get the attention of an investor during the summer because they’re all on vacation. Think again.

Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 100 VCs in 2007

Nowadays, it seems like venture capitalists are an endangered species, but your chances of finding VC funding are better than you think.

Evaluating New Venture Opportunities: Conversations with Venture Capitalists

Prominent venture capitalists describe what they look for in an investment opportunity.


Directory of VC funds. Sorty by location, industry focus, fund size, and investment range.


FundingPost connects entrepreneurs with Angel and VC investors, both online and at live regional events.

Giving VCs a Winning Pitch

“Wondering how to grab potential funders’ attention and keep it? Here are some key pointers from the other side of the desk.”

Growth Company Guide 4.0

A corporate finance guide available for purchase with practical advice for the entrepreneurial manager.

High Tech Startup Valuation Estimator

Wondering what your pre-money valuation will be if a VC ever puts a term sheet on the table? Answer the following questions, and we’ll calculate an approximate range for you. Of course, every situation is different, so your mileage may vary.

How to Pitch a VC by Dave McClure (Video)

One of the single best videos on how to (and not to) pitch professional investors (including sophisticated angels).

In VC deals, Price Doesn’t Matter – But The “Promote” Does

This article will give you a leg-up in your funding deal by discussing the areas of weaknesses for entrepreneurs.


A venture capital firm talks about their selection criteria and unwritten rules for selecting new ventures to invest in.

National Venture Capital Association

“NVCA is the venture capital industry’s source for advocacy, networking, professional development and reliable and timely information.”

One-on-one with Guy Kawasaki, CEO, Garage Technology Ventures

The changing environment for companies seeking venture funding.

“PitchBook is an independent and impartial research firm dedicated to providing premium data, news and analysis to the private equity industry.”

PricewaterhouseCoopers/Venture Economics MoneyTree Survey

“The MoneyTree Survey is a quarterly study of venture capital investment activity in the United States. As a collaboration between PricewaterhouseCoopers, Thomson Venture Economics and the National Venture Capital Association, it is the only industry-endorsed research of its kind.”

Private Equity Hub

“Private Equity Hub is an interactive forum for the private equity community… Its mission is simple: To help you do your job better, by feeding your head with news and views from/about your peers.”

SBIC Financing, Step-by-Step

This article explains the mechanics of pursuing SBIC money. SBIC’s are private venture capital firms licensed by the Small Business Administration.

Term Sheet for First Round Venture Capital

This article describes, and links to, a model entrepreneur-friendly term sheet. One of the goals is to reduce the amount of time and money that goes into term sheet negotiations. The article briefly describes the rationale for eliminating participation with preferred stock, imposing a 1x liquidation preference, and enacting a single trigger vesting acceleration upon acquisition.

The Top Ten Lies of Entrepreneurs

“Guy Kawasaki says: ‘I get pitched dozens of times every year, and every pitch contains at least three or four of these lies. I provide them not because I believe I can increase the level of honesty of entrepreneurs as much as to help entrepreneurs come up with new lies. At least new lies indicate a modicum of creativity!’”

The Top Ten Lies of Venture Capitalists

Guy Kawasaki says: “Venture capitalists are simple people: we’ve either decided to invest, and we are convincing ourselves that our gut is right (aka, ‘due diligence’) or there’s not a chance in hell. While we may be simple, we’re not necessarily forthcoming, so if you think it’s hard to get a ‘yes’ out of venture capitalist, you should try to get a conclusive ‘no.’” (Note: Guy’s original article at appears to be down so this link goes to the PDF version of his talk.)

The True Costs of Raising Money

“You probably don’t have a clue what it really costs to raise the capital you need to fund your business. This expert spells it out for you.”

“ is an online community of entrepreneurs to research, rate, and review funding sources worldwide. In addition, allows entrepreneurs to view and share term sheets, to assist one another finding good investors, and to discuss the many facets of operating a business.”

VC Experts

VC Experts serves the needs of the private equity and venture capital communities with its anchor product, The Encyclopedia of Private Equity and Venture Capital by combining substantive commentary on the private equity and venture capital industries with online learning courses. The site includes current industry news, weekly commentary, and the online University and 4,000 page Encyclopedia of Private Equity and Venture Capital.

Venture Capital 101

A no-nonsense, 70-page guide to venture capital. Explains what VC is, who it’s for, and how to raise venture capital.

Visual VC Database

“Wouldn’t it be cool to see every venture firm in the US on an interactive map?” So asks Matt Winn, architect of Venture Capital Database (VCDB). VCDB is a tool for entrepreneurs and other startup enthusiasts to locate venture capital firms. You can search by entering a location into the search box, or by using the interactive map feature. You can also search for keywords in firm and venture professional bios. The bios include information regarding investment sector focus, histories, and affiliations.The database currently includes 492 venture firms, 863 locations, and 6774 professionals.


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