Learning How to Kiss

Learning How to Kiss - Wavering Between Extremes

After a few moments we heard Gail’s mom pull out of the driveway.  The evening sunlight picked up a crimson glow as it filtered into the room through sheer red curtains.  Gail was wearing a white tank top, blue jean shorts and flip flops.  The light radiated off her cinnamon-brown skin.  She plopped down beside me, as if excited that her mother had left, and scooted close enough to nuzzle her head against my shoulder.  At first I was nervous, as I had never had that kind of contact with a girl.  But the softness of her touch and her easy relaxed manner had the effect of making me feel an indescribable sensation.  It pulsated through every fiber of my body.  She positioned the photo album between us and continued describing pictures. This time she was much closer and whispered in a way that promised excitement.  I followed each nuance of her delightful voice like the melody of a romantic love song.  I could feel the warmth of her breath against my face and neck; it tickled my ear and sent chills down my spine.  My hair was standing straight up. She flipped through more pages and kept whispering and breathing and nuzzling against my shoulder and neck.  Her hip was against my hip.  Her thigh was pressed warmly against mine.

“Gail.”  I murmured through heavy breathing.

“MmmHmmm.” She moaned and turned her face toward mine.

“Can I… I mean, may I kiss you?”  The words rolled out of my mouth and splashed against her thighs like wet marbles.

“Yes.  If you want to.”  And then she closed her eyes and puckered her glossy lips.  I swallowed my spit (as Daniel had advised) and gently pressed my lips against hers.  They were warm and soft and sweet, like fresh picked strawberries.  I was in ecstasy.  She took my arm and placed it around her waist – increasing the intensity of my passion.  As I embraced her, I felt her hot tong sweep hungrily over my lips. It was thrilling.  And then she did it.  She pushed her tongue against my teeth.  I opened my mouth to enjoy this new sensation, but our teeth suddenly clattered against each others.  “I’m sorry.”  She emitted.

“That’s okay.” I said.  And then the passion returned with even greater intensity.  This time our tongues caressed and stroked each other’s mouths in an enchanted dance.  I cautiously lowered my hand beneath Gail’s waist. She reached behind her and firmly grabbed my hand.  I thought she was going to push it away, but instead she directed it over the curve of her booty.  I was rubbing and squeezing in pure excitement. My heart was throbbing.  My body was throbbing.

“Oooo!” Gail’s little brother suddenly exclaimed.  “I’m tellin mommy!”

“Tellin mommy what?” Gail burst out as she sprang to her feet and began fixing her hair.

“You know what?”  He said with a devious grin.


“You in here doin the nasties with that boy.” And he pointed his finger at me.

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