5 Most Influential Black Films of All Time
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5 Most Influential Black Films of All Time

The selections are not necessarily the ‘greatest Black films of all time,’ or the most favorite, or the ones that were best reviewed by critics or fans, but those which actually changed the way Black […]

Herman Garner, Author of Wavering Between Extremes
Meet the Author

Introduction to Wavering Between Extremes

As-sim-i-late v. to bring a culturally distinct group into conformity with the customs, attitudes, traditions, etc., of the dominant group, nation or the like. The Korean immigrants assimilated into mainstream American culture. A few years […]

Can I Tell You a Secret - Wavering Between Extremes
The Secret

Can I Tell You a Secret?

Ca-thar-sis.  n. the purging of emotions or relieving of emotional tensions, especially through certain kinds of art, as tragedy or music. When I was just a little boy, I placed this painful memory into a […]

Learning How to Kiss - Wavering Between Extremes
How to Kiss

Learning How to Kiss

After a few moments we heard Gail’s mom pull out of the driveway.  The evening sunlight picked up a crimson glow as it filtered into the room through sheer red curtains.  Gail was wearing a […]

Christmas Home Invasion Wavering Between Extremes
Christmas Home Invasion

Christmas Home Invasion

It was a post-card perfect Christmas day.  The air was cold and crisp.  It was a few minutes after sunset.   We all piled into the Ford Taurus.  You could smell our adrenaline.  I drove: four […]